Rotarian Visitors (4/17/17)
Daybreak:  Laura Pritchard
Rotarian Visitors (4/24)
Iowa City Noon - Eric Weiler
West - Lujin Chadima
Guests - 4/17/17
Mark Seckman - Guest of Mary Meisterling
Bryan Kubik - Guest of Wade Hiner
Aaron McCright - Guest of Brad Hart
Shane Baker - Guest of Scott Pantel
Med Bickel - Guest of John Bickel
Laura Booth - Guest of Michelle Beisker
Sara Tawel - Guest of Salma Igram
Christina Patramanis - Guest of Jennifer Schulte
Tom Brown - Guest of Bill Courter
John Landon - Guest of Gary Streit
Terry Trimpe - Guest of Gary Streit
Lauryn White - Guest of Jeff Capps
Guests - 4/24/17
Jay Anderkin - Guest of Susan Koch
Jenna Ivanoski - Guest of Megan Moran
Shane Baker - Guest of Scott Pantel
Christa Chavez - Guest of Marilee Fowler
Addison Armstrong - Jefferson Interact Club
Hannah Bertram - Jefferson Interact Club
Candy Bowers - Jefferson Interact Club
Chris Hendricks - Guest of Scott Hauser
Sara Tawil - Guest of Salma Igram
Josh Rife - Guest of Andrew Morf
Guests of Anthony Arrington:  Jesse Thoeming, Doug Hartgrave, Jonathan Daniels, Chuck Swore, Matt McCurdy