News from our Outbound Student to Spain
Grace Bryant
November Report

Everything is still great here in South America and I'm very happy! School is out for the year and I'm currently on a 3 week tour of Patagonia which is AMAZING as I'm sure you've seen from my Facebook pictures! This past month, I have noticed my Spanish improving immensely. My host family and new friends are growing closer everyday and I don't find myself comparing ways of doing things to those in the US nearly as much. The holiday season has begun and I do miss my family at home a bit, but I'm attempting to bring the holiday traditions here. I cooked a giant thanksgiving meal and I plan on baking a boatload of Christmas cookies when I get back from my trip.

I am switching to my second host family at the end of this month which has me a little concerned because the girl who currently lives with these people has found them to be unreasonable at times and is not particularly happy like the rest of us. I'm hoping that if I have similar issues, rotary will not have an issue with me switching early to my third host family who I already know to be wonderful.

Again, thank you so much Rotary Club of Cedar Rapids for this opportunity. I am truly having the time of my life!

Grace Bryant